Panta Capital

Panta Capital Ltd is an event driven investment consulting firm for institutional investors and family offices. 

Panta Capital Ltd specializes in international, liquid event driven investing with a strong focus on European and North-American merger arbitrage, activist and equity special situations.

Panta Capital's services have been set up to benefit from the increasing number of attractive merger arbitrage and special situation opportunities across Europe and North-America, where take over and other corporate activity has come back with accelerated intensity since 2014.

Based in Europe and with significant insight in the merits of  value enhancing corporate decisions, Panta Capital Ltd can equally assist in helping investors with European shareholder activism campaigns through private and public communication, helping investors to identify and raise awareness of opportunities that enhance shareholder value.

Panta Capital's activities revolve around investment consulting, shareholder activism support and event driven insights and ideas, plus insights for investors who wish to gain further exposure to international event driven equity strategies.

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